Encrypted and stored data

All data that you entrust to us is encrypted and stored on Amazon servers using the latest security technologies (SSL). You can entrust them to us with perfect peace of mind.

No spam

Shiftmeapp chose Amazon Web Service technologies in order to ensure that your data is kept secure using the most advanced and stable Cloud technologies currently on the market. We don’t use your personal information for marketing purposes and never spam our clients or our users.

Confidential data

Your data is confidential both inside and outside the application. At the heart of your business: only the supervisor and the manager have access to certain worker information. It’s the same information used for processing wages.

Users can change their information at any given time on the app or deactivate their accounts by writing to We will warn your current company of your request. Please allow a 60-day window for your request to be processed.

Saving and updating

We perform backups multiple times a day, on several secure servers. Shiftmeapp monitors your information and the proper functioning of the management of your data. Shiftmeapp updates take place when app activity is minimal. We do our best to reduce the impact of updates on the use of our services, without guaranteeing it. Temporary unavailability can always take place. Our users are notified by email and kept informed.

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