Who are we?

Our mission is to help teams build a culture of collaboration in real time, allowing everyone to accomplish their role and be happier in their job.

We are dedicated to building an excellent product, and our goal is to create a tool that people will love using – a fast, beautiful and responsive tool that makes your life easier.

The only thing that we love more than our product is our customers, and we provide customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Created by experts in team planning and management.

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Our values

We uphold our values every day at Shiftmeapp. Looking beyond our products, our collaborative approach works to help attitudes evolve on a daily basis, by putting people, team spirit and collaboration at the center of the business model.


According to the values we hold dear, innovation isn't defined solely by products or algorithms. Innovation is also defined by the organizational intelligence created between individuals. Our digital approach encourages and promotes this.


For us, social interaction is the basis, the very foundation of our business. More than just a simple trend, it's inscribed in our era's DNA. By prioritizing it, we are able to come together, to unite. We are constantly working to improve collaboration between individuals by creating positive synergies.


Everyone should be able to choose how they spend their time instead of simply undergoing it. Reclaiming one's own experience of time without upsetting the general working order is a goal that's very important to us.

Better schedule for better jobs

Shiftmeapp believes in the development of an inclusive, sustainable and innovative economy, following goal n°8.2 from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Program.

We strive to increase workers’ revenue in highly labor-intensive industries by automating employment searches and tedious schedule organization, and by doing so, replacing hours of job searches with hours of paid work.

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Join our adventure as a partner, distributor or master franchise in your own country. Opportunities abound. The market is enormous and we will be stronger together.

co-founder & CEO

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